Beril Ates was born in Ankara, Turkey. She received her B.A. in Graphic Design with first ranked degree in Bilkent University. During her college education she took fashion / editorial / cartoon illustration classes in IED Barcelona, Spain. Following her graduation, Ates founded illustration based design brand Kafa Cizimhane and started applying her drawings to design products.

Beril continued her education at Parsons School of Design, New York in Printmaking. She attended course workshops at various museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She opened 6 solo exhibitions in Ankara, Istanbul and New York; and contributed group exhibitions since 2009.

As an artist, she considers art not only to draw & illustrate but also to transfer in to different mediums and make an impact on people.
As a road-tripper, she keeps art journals to record memories. She teaches her art methods through private classes and workshops & collaborates with corporate firms in designing artworks. She currently lives in Istanbul and continues creating, illustrating and dreaming.

"I never stuck into a particular style in arts. I love to experience and try everything as much as I can. Our lives are changing day by day which I don't resist at all. This change leads me to experience more in a way of learning and growing inside. I am somebody, but I love the feeling being nobody. Growth is in our nature. So why would I stuck into single matter, if I have the chance to become anyone or be anything."


2019 Siyah Beyaz 35 - Group Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - ANKARA)
2018 Sayfiye - Group Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - BODRUM)
2017 Solo Studio Exhibition (ISTANBUL)
2017 SALT - Solo Exhibition (Lazzoni Store Chelsea - NEW YORK)
2017 MADE IN TÜRKİYE - Group Exhibition (No Lab - ISTANBUL)
2017 Art Dubai (No Lab - DUBAI)
2017 33. Yıl Sergisi 33th Anniversary Exhibition - Group Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - ANKARA)
2016 TUZ Salt - Solo Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - ANKARA)
2016 MODERN AFRICA / A Rainbow Nation - Group Exhibition (No Lab - ISTANBUL)
2016 PARANIN GÖZÜ KÖR OLSUN - Group Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - ANKARA)
2015 EAT, PLAY, LOVE - Group Exhibition (Eataly - Istanbul)
2014 YUVARLANIP GİDİYORUZ We're Just Getting by - Solo Exhibition (Torun - ANKARA)
2013 MİSAFİR The Guest - Solo Studio Exhibition (NEW YORK - USA)
2012 OSMANLI TOKADI Ottoman Slap - Solo Exhibition of KAFA çizimhane (Siyah Beyaz Gallery - ANKARA)
2011 PEOPLE- Solo Exhibition (Galeriartist Gallery- ISTANBUL)
2010 PEOPLE- Solo Exhibition (Galeriartist Gallery- ANKARA)
2010 IN BETWEEN - Group Exhibition (Siyah Beyaz Gallery- ANKARA)
2010 LOKMA - Group Exhibition (Bilkent University FADA Exhibition Hall- ANKARA)
2009 POSTER FOR TOMORROW- Group Exhibition (24 different galleries in 24 different country)
2009 GRA (Sophomore design studio) - Group Exhibition (Gallery: Bilkent University Exhibition Hall-ANKARA)

Awards & Accolades

- Istanbul Postcard Book & Souvenir Collection - Best Promotional Design Award Graphic Designers Professional Association (GMK), 2015
- Ala Postcard Book & Souvenir Collection - Personal Promotional Item Design Award Graphic Designers Professional Association (GMK), 2015
- Poster for Tomorrow, Freedom of Expression Poster Competition, Top 10 / Best 100 Poster, 2009


2012 Examining Islamic & Asian Textiles at ANTONIO RATTI TEXTILE CENTER (MET - NEW YORK)
2012 Islamic Art - From Paint to Pattern: The Art of Silk Painting by Nazanin Hedayat Munroe (MET - NEW YORK)
2010 Artistic Book Design WORKSHOP (Bilkent University- ANKARA)
2010 Bookbinding WORKSHOP by Sera Sade (Bilkent University- ANKARA)
2010 LOKMA - Workshop with Iranian friends about cuisines of Turkey and Iran (Bilkent University- ANKARA)


Maison Francaise
Maison Francaise
Türk'ün Yıldız Çağı
Maison Francaise - 2017
Casa Dell'Arte - Siyah & Beyaz Galeri 2018
Campaign Turkey
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